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Sometimes I might say something

MTN DEW® Fruit Quake is Mountain Dew's 2022 Christmas flavor. To preface this, I should probably say that I do not like fruit cake. Yet I do like fruit, fruit-flavored drinks, and novelty foods, so I was quite excited to try fruit quake regardless.

Upon trying Fruit Quake, my first reaction was, "This is terrible." It was hard to note any distinguishing tastes, so I will admit that it is unique. I then had to text my friend about how gross it is before continuing, but I eventually finished it sip-by-sip.

I never really nailed down the taste, but it does seem fruitcakey. It's sort of a fake cherry taste, almost like medicine, blended with a indecipherable cacophony of other artificial fruits. Surely the abundance of high-fructose corn syrup contributes to this terrible taste.

I don't care how Christmasy it is, I would never choose to drink it again, but again, I hate fruitcake. Perhaps this is the drink for you if you are one of the rare fruitcake lovers in the world, bit otherwise I would steer clear.

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