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Sometimes I might say something

Part of the radical UI changes that accompanied recent Firefox updates was removing of Windows 10 accent color from the tab and menu bar.

Personally, I was very keen on restoring the rectangular tabs that attach and actually look like tabs. Thankfully, I found a wonderful GitHub project and a helpful reddit comment that combined accomplished that.

However, this still me with this ugly black-on-white-on-gray mess:

Firefox 92 with gray tab toolbar

If you like contrast and being able to distinguish elements or would ev...

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How to Undo Firefox's "Close Tab Options" Changes?

Left: The new tab context menu in Firefox 78
Middle: The new tab context menu after adding extensions
Right: The new tab context menu after all changes (Also how the old menu looked)

When you right-click a tab, Firefox historically has had two options in the context menu that let you close multiple tabs at once: "Close Tabs to the Right" and "Close Other Tabs". These are self-explanatory and very useful buttons for people who do a lot of browsing and utilize both windows and tabs. However, in Firefox 78, Mozilla has moved these items into a submenu, largely eliminating their time-saving ability.

The Firefox 78 tab context menu showing the Close Multiple Tabs menu

This was justified by worries that people were closing too many tabs acci...

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