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If you're new to Google AdSense, you're probably quite excited about the prospect of making money from your blogging or web development efforts, but you're also likely a bit confused at the opacity of the situation. Like namely, what do users have to do for Google to pay me? Do they just have to view the page or do they have to actually click an ad? What if they have an adblocker on?

Well, the answer is either. It depends. Google actually has an auction for advertisers where they can pay for e...

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How to Scope CSS by Moving an Element to the Shadow DOM

Bakura demonstrating how to banish things to the shadow DOM in Yu-Gi-Oh!

(tl;dr: Jump to the actual moving)

Scope is an important concept in programming. It allows you to just write small sections of code to do what you need them to do without having to worry about something else in your code using the same name and messing everything up. Declarations (such as of variables or functions) will only be visible to code also in the same scope, usually some block of code.

MDN has a good example of the effects of scope in Javascript:

let x = 1;
if (x === 1) {...

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