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If you're new to Google AdSense, you're probably quite excited about the prospect of making money from your blogging or web development efforts, but you're also likely a bit confused at the opacity of the situation. Like namely, what do users have to do for Google to pay me? Do they just have to view the page or do they have to actually click an ad? What if they have an adblocker on?

Well, the answer is either. It depends. Google actually has an auction for advertisers where they can pay for every thousand impressions, or views, of their ads (CPM) or they can bid to pay for every click of their ads (CPC). There's also less popular types of ad bids that you shouldn't have to worry about. So your site will likely get some mix of CPM and CPC ads, thereby paying for every ad impression and every click.

As for people with adblockers, you still won't get paid anything from them unless they're using Brave and you've also signed up as a Brave Publisher.

Even though you can paid for both CPC and CPM ads, you're very likely to make far more from Cost Per Click ads. Advertisers just like to see results and prefer to pay that way. You can check for yourself via the "Bid types" report on your AdSense homepage:

My partially-redacted Bid types report, showing about two-thirds CPC bids and about one-third CPM bids

As you can see from my partially-redacted Bid types report, I make about two-thirds of my money from people clicking my ads and about one-third from people viewing them without clicking.

If you don't have that on your homepage or if you want more detailed information, you can also generating a custom report with "Estimated earnings" as the metric and then above that break down the results by "Bid types".

Also note that Google lies about the CPC rate on AdSense by include CPM payments in its "CPC" calculation, so you can't just multiply that by your clicks or it'll look like all your earnings are from clicks.

In the end though, it doesn't really matter. You'll make money either way and you definitely should not try to manipulate users into clicking your ads or anything. You'll just have to be patient and create more high-quality content.

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