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Counseling Recommendations

Life is never perfect, and we all have our faults, struggles, and stresses. Especially in modern life depression and isolation is becoming far too prevalent, and life often seems hopeless and like there's no way out. Often we need someone to talk to and to give us guidance. This can often be hard to find, but the value of a good counselor is immense. If you're struggling with something in life, it's worth it to get some counseling, but even more important that just counseling to get good counseling.

An Assist From Above
An Assist From Above is my most-trusted counseling service. It's a Bible-based nonprofit Christian counseling service based in Champaign, Illinois that helps people all over. They really helped me with multiple issues in my life, and they can help you too through the power of God's Word. Sessions are inexpensive and you can learn how to make real, lasting improvement in your life. Sessions can be done in person in the Champaign-Urbana area or online anywhere on earth via video chat.
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