Matthew Miner's Pretty Reliable Product Recommendations


App Recommendations

Quick Bible
Quick Bible is a very simple, yet flexible and advanced Bible-reading app. It has a very clean material look, no ads or costs, and yet a host of useful features like multiple verse selections and notes and split-screen reading and color customization.
Download at:
Financial Calculator
BA Financial Calculator
This is essentially a perfect emulator of a BAII Plus Calculator. Although I have a physical one too, having the same interface available on my phone anywhere is very handy. It's also free with a paid option to remove the minor ads.
Download at:
Hacker News
Harmonic for Hacker News
The best Hacker News app I've found. It has a lot of features and customization I want and is easy to use. Among these are easy navigation, beautiful material style, and automatic day/night theming. Downsides are that you can't flag things from the app, but I've yet to find a HN app where you can do that yet, sadly. The developer recently added downvoting and unvoting, so hopefully flagging will be coming soon.
Download at:
Habit Tracking
Loop Habit Tracker
This is the best habit tracker. It's easy to use, beautiful, customizable, free, and open-source. You can set whatever habits, reminders, and frequencies you want. You can even set habits for more than once a day or track a quantity with your habit. It also makes beautiful charts of multiple types and support easy backing up and exporting of your data.
Download at:
Slide has every feature one could want from a reddit app, while being open-source and having a nice material design (although custom subreddit colors can get harsh occasionally).
Download at:
Slide (My SFW Fork)
If you would like to use reddit while removing all NSFW content, I also made a fork of Slide doing such.
Download at:
rif is fun
This is what I used to use. It's also very full-featured and has an intuitive, reddit-like interface. I just stopped using it because I wanted something open-source.
Download at: