Wills, Trusts, and Estates

Execution Ceremony

See pages 159–160 of the book.

  1. Put the full "Page X of N" at the bottom of the pages.
  2. Make sure the testator understands the will and get that in writing with just him.
  3. Then bring in the witnesses and notary and don't let them leave until done.
  4. Ask the testator if it's his will which he understands and desires in the presence of the notary.
  5. Ask the testator to request the witnesses to sign after him.
  6. Have the testator sign with the witnesses standing around him.
  7. Have the witnesses read the attestation clause.
  8. Have the witness sign.
  9. Have the testator and witnesses sign a self-proving affidavit swearing that the will was duly executed, which the notary then signs.
  10. Review the documents to make sure signed right.
  11. Write a memo saying you followed these protocols.
  12. Give the testator the will.