Taxation of Businesses

Class Info

Law School: Liberty University School of Law

Course ID: LAW 641

Term: Spring 2019

Instructor: Prof. Manns

Books Used
  • Fundamentals of Business Enterprise Taxation: Causes and Materials by Stephen Schwarz, Daniel J. Lathrope, & Brant J. Hellwig
  • Selected Federal Taxation Statutes and Regulations by Daniel J. Lathrope

Section List
Section #Section TopicTab ColorPage #
49(a)(1)(D)(iv)QNRF Qualified PersonBlue50
83Property for ServicesGreen93
243Dividends to CorporationsMagenta253
302Distribution in RedemptionGreen294
311Property Distributions Affecting TaxGreen306
312Property Distributions Affecting Earnings and ProfitsBlue307
312(n)(7)Redemptions Affecting Earnings and ProfitsBlue311
316Dividend DefinedOrange311
317Redemption DefinedOrange312
318Constructive Stock OwnershipBlue312
338Stock Purchases Treated as Asset AquisitionsOrange318
351Transfer to Controlled CorporationGreen323
357Assumption of LiabilityGreen338
358Basis to DistributeesOrange340
362Basis to CorporationsOrange343
465At-Risk Partnership Loss LimitMagenta466
469Passive Loss LimitMagenta475
701Partnership Not TaxedGreen571
702Partner IncomeGreen571
703Partnership ComputationsGreen572
704Distributive ShareGreen573
705Partner's BasisOrange574
707Partner TransactionsGreen578
721Transfer to PartnershipGreen580
722Basis in Partnership from ContributionsOrange580
723Basis of Partnership in PropertyOrange581
724Character of ContributionOrange581
731Gain/Loss on DistributionGreen582
732Basis of Distributed PropertyOrange585
733Distribution Basis DecreaseOrange587
735Selling Unrealized ReceivablesOrange588
736Payments to Retiring PartnerOrange589
741Selling Partnership InterestBlue590
743Adjusting Basis on Purchasing Partnership InterestOrange590
751Unrealized ReceivablesBlue592
752Partnership LiabilityGreen594
754Electing Basis AdjustmentBlue594
755Allocating Basis After §743 & §734Orange595
761(d)Liquidation DefinedBlue595
1059(e)Extraordinary Corporate DividendsOrange624
1221Capital AssetsOrange633
1223Holding PeriodBlue636
1231§1231 Gain (Business Property)Orange633
1361S Corp DefinedOrange688
1362S Corp ElectionOrange694
1363S Corp TaxBlue698
1366S Corp Pass-Thru TaxGreen699
1367S Corp Basis AdjustmentsOrange701
1368S Corp Distributions??702
1371C Corp Rules Apply to S Corps??703
1378S Corp Taxable YearOrange710
1.1(h)-1Capital Gains Look-ThroughGreen915
1.1(h)-1(c)Residual Long-Term Capital Gain/LossGreen916
1.704-1(b)(2)Substantial Economic EffectOrange1339
1.704-1(b)(2)(iv)(b)Capital AccountsOrange1343
1.704-1(b)(2)(iv)(f)Revaluing PartnershipOrange1345
1.704-1(b)(2)(iv)(g)(1)Book ValueOrange1346
1.704-2(d)(1)Partnership Minimum GainGreen1363
1.704-3(b)–(d)§704(c) Allocation MethodsOrange1378
1.741-1(a)Selling Partnership Interest with Hot AssetsGreen1455
1.743-1(j)§743 EffectsOrange1458
1.752-3(a)Partnership Nonrecourse Liability SharesGreen1481
1.755-2Basis Adjustment AllocationGreen1488
1.1223-3Divided Holding Period in a PartnershipBlue1537