Taxation of Individuals

Class Info

Law School: Liberty University School of Law

Course ID: LAW 591

Term: Fall 2018

Instructor: Dean Todd

My Grade Earned: A−

Books Used
  • Taxation of Individual Income by J. Martin Burke & Michael K. Friel
  • Selected Federal Taxation Statutes and Regulations by Daniel J. Lathrope

Just write all the important stuff you hear in class in the code book and underline copiously. Then buy a pack of something like these and put them in as follows:

Section List
Section #Section TopicTab ColorPage #
1(h)Capital Gains RatesBlue18
1(j)(2)Rate TablesBlue21
1(j)(5)Maximum Zero Rate AmountBlue24
Part IVTax CreditsBlue27
55Alternative Minimum TaxBlue51
56AMT AdjustmentsBlue55
57Items of Tax Preference (for AMT)Blue58
58Denial of Certain Losses (for AMT)Blue59
61 & 62Gross IncomeGreen61
63Taxable IncomeGreen64
64 & 65Ordinary Gain & LossGreen67
67Misc. Itemized DeductionsPurple68
71Alimony PayeeGreen 
101Life InsuranceGreen 
104Personal InjuryGreen 
105Health PlansGreen 
108Discharge of Indebtedness ExclusionsGreen 
111Tax Benefit RuleGreen 
119Meals & Lodging Fringe BenefitsGreen 
121Sale of a Principal ResidenceGreen 
132Fringe BenefitsGreen 
162Business DeductionsPale Purple153
163(h)Personal InterestMagenta163
166Bad DebtsPurple179
168Accelerated DepreciationYellow181
168(k)Special DepreciationYellow190
170Charitable DeductionsPurple 
179Expense Depreciable Business AssetsYellow221
195Start-up ExpendituresPale Purple226
199AQualified Business IncomePale Purple232
212 & 213Individual DeductionsMagenta238
215Alimony PayorMagenta241
221Educational InterestMagenta245
262 & 263Not-Deductible StuffPurple258
267Family TransfersOrange267
274EntertainmentPale Purple273
280AHome BusinessPale Purple282
408ARoth IRAsMagenta405
441Taxable YearBlue434
446Accounting MethodsBlue439
451Timing of InclusionsBlue 
461Timing of DeductionsBlue 
461(g)Timing of Prepaid InterestBlue 
1001Gain & LossGreen601
1011 & 1012BasisOrange602
1014Inheritance BasisOrange603
1015Gift BasisOrange605
1031Like-Kind ExchangesGreen611
1041Spousal TransfersGreen620
1202(e)(3)(A)Qualified Trade or BusinessPale Purple631
1221Capital AssetsOrange 
1222Capital Gains & LossesGreen 
1245(a)(3)1245 PropertyYellow649
1341Claim of RightGreen687
7702B(c)Qualified Long-Term Care ServicesMagenta906
1.72-9Annuity Tables (V & VI)Green 
1.132-6De Minimis FringesGreen984
1.165-1(d)Year of Loss DeductionPurple1021
1.263(a)-3Property ImprovementsPurple1066
1.451-2Constructive ReceiptGreen1214
1.461-4Accrual Basis IncurranceBlue1235