Lawyering Skills I

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Law School: Liberty University School of Law

Course ID: LAW 525

Term: Fall 2017

Instructor: Prof. Thompson

My Grade Earned: B−

Client Interview Cases
Name Court Year Summary Time Detained How Restrained Holding
W. T. Grant Co. v. Owens Supreme Court 1928 Woman detained for stealing 50¢ 1¼ hours Threatened to call the police
Sat in chair between her & door
Was false imprisonment
S. H. Kress & Co. v. Musgrove Supreme Court 1929 Employees pushed out back door instead of walking out front door because was bothering woman 5 minutes Taken by arm Was false imprisonment
Montgomery Ward & Co. v. Wickline Supreme Court 1948 Man arrested by police for stealing 75¢ tool A few minutes in the presence of police Told to with cop nearby Reversed verdict. (Probably not?)
Montgomery Ward & Co. v. Freeman Court of Appeals 1952 63-year-old woman tried to return zippers, was accused of shoplifting, pushed into window(?), pushed into room(?), and told to wait in a chair. 5–10 minutes to call police Pushed(?); told to wait Reversed verdict. (Probably not?)
Zayre of Virginia, Inc. v. Gowdy Supreme Court 1966 Two girls told to go back into store to check if stolen swimsuit by security guard in a police officer uniform A few minutes Afraid because of his police officer uniform Was false imprisonment
F. B. C. Stores, Inc. v. Duncan Supreme Court 1973 Accused of stealing casette tape because acting suspicious by messing with jacket and pants ~15–20 minutes Small man with badge and hand on arm Was not false imprisonment
Samuel v. Rose's Stores District Court 1995 Handcuffed wearing purchased shoes for stealing them and taken back into store ~1 hour Handcuffed and taken to back room Not enough for 12(b)(6) dismissal
Bluebook Test

Basic Citation Form

Name of first party·v.·name of second party,·volume·abbreviation of reporter·page number the opinion begins on·(Court, if required·year).

From Rule 10.2.1


Close up all adjacent single capitals.

End an abbreviation with a period unless the last letter of the word is offset with an apostrophe.

Look at Table T6 for every word that isn't a proper name.

From Rule 6.1

Short Forms

With Id./Id.·at·753, the period is underlined.


From Rule 4.1

Thompson's Local Rule

When citing to a court within the jurisdiction, use the state-specific reporter. When citing to a court outside the jurisdiction, use a regional reporter.

From 10.3.1(a)


The most common and strongest signal is no signal at all.

From 1.2–4

Rules to know

  1. Rule 10.2.1
  2. Rule 6.1
  3. Table T6