Foundations of Law I

Mosaic Law


  1. Model Civil Nation
  2. Redemptive Nation

Basic Framework for Determining if Mosaic Law is Binding:

  1. Assume it is.
  2. What is the purpose of the law?

    • General Law?

      • Devotion to God
      • Protection of Life
      • Protection of Family
      • Protection of Property
    • Israel's Law?

      • Part of Israel's Redemptive Purpose
  3. Consider culture.
  4. Look for New Testament references.

    • 1 point for gist
    • 1 point for book & chapter
    • Extra point for first 5 verses not from class

How to analyze whether Mosaic Law applies (from Midterm Review):

  • Assume it is binding
  • Created Order
    • Worshipping of God as Creator
    • Protection of Life
    • Protection of Family
    • Protection of Property
    • Contextual Hints:
      • Unlawful before Israel existed
      • Applied to other nations
      • Applied to foreigners or strangers
      • Often repeated in the New Testament
  • Redemptive Order
    • Contextual Hints:
      • Holiness/set apart language
      • Not repeated in the NT or are expressly fulfilled in the NT
      • Example. E.g., sacrificial laws or food laws.
  • Other discontinuities between Mosaic Law and Today
    • The cross removes our need for sin sacrifices after Christ.
    • Culture: Battlement for roof not required today because guests are not entertained on roofs today.