Torts I, Pages 442–443

Hegel v. Langsam

Court of Common Pleas of Ohio, 1971


Plaintiff attended defendant's university as a minor and became a drug user through criminal friends she met there.


Does a university have a duty to ensure its students' behave properly in their personal lives and to return to their dorms in a timely manner?

Plaintiff's Argument:

Defendant allowed plaintiff to become involved in these activities and to be absent from her dormitory and failed to return her to her parents' custody.


University attendees are assumed to be mature enough to regulate their own lives.


A university has no duty to regulate the private lives of their students, to control their comings and goings, or to supervise their associations.


Judgment on the pleadings granted.


If one starts to rescue, he has a duty to act like a reasonably prudent person would.